Nucleic acid

For rapid determination, separation and production of DNA, and accurate calculation of DNA molecular weight. Gel Slab:75x47(mm). With cooling device. The model is suitable for PCR electrophoresis


For multiple gel electrophoresis. Designed in reduced size. Cost effective, easy and convenient. Particularly ideal for teaching and R&D purpose. Gel slab: 125x100(mm) Thickness: 1,1.5(mm) Cooling device available.

DNA Sequencing

For rapid analysis of DAN sequence. Gel slab: 570x160(mm). Easy and convenient operation. 0.4mm-thick comb(crocodile-teeth and Great-wall teeth) available. Band distribution is clear and orderly. Can work together with Model DYY-10 or DYY-12.

Gel Doc System

10-3000 V in 1 volt steps 2-200 mA in 1 mA steps 200 W max, 4 sets in parallel


System can grab all kinds of nucleic acid or protein electrophoresis images by UV/White analysis unit or transparent gel scanner. The SmartView software kit that is included in system provide integrated flexible 1D analysis functions (density scan, density quantification, molecular weight calculation). System can also print high resolution electrophoresis image and analysis report by professional printer.


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